My artist Process

My process as an artist!

15 years ago, I needed to connect with my souls. I really wanted to find the reset button somewhere in me or outside of me. I can say that I was totally lost! I had no purpose, did not know what having values meant. I was part of a family and a culture that had a set of rules that I was following without questions. Having my own values? Boundaries? Visions? goals?

I didn’t know none of that! I was a great student, a follower, a good kid at least that what my parents was saying went I would do things exactly the way they wanted me to do it! Like, “go to Med’s school, and you will become someone.” You will become someone? At least you achieve something that is valuable in the eyes of the society, you’re no one, nobody, useless.

So, as a good kid, I followed my parent’s advice. I went to college, studies pharmaceutical sciences, hated it, get depressed and failed! Well, I felt really useless and very scared to become nobody in a culture that values you only if you achieve something great in its eyes.


was lost and on day, a friend of mine asked me to help him clean up his grandmother’s garden. I made 500$ and bought painting supplies with half of the money.

This is how I started to paint every day for 6 months. The 1st month, I made 20 painting, and for the 1st time of my life, I was passionate with something I was doing. By the 3rd month, I started to think that I might be an artist. That’s where all the struggles began! Explain to people around you that you’re an artist who is broke and live at his girl-friend apartment. So, I had to show them that I was an artist. I was talking, smelling, eating and dreaming art every single minutes of life. As the result of this, I put together 3 exhibitions of my painting in my hometown in Switzerland. I Even had an article in the local newspaper and an interview in the state’s TV channel. I sold some my art and made around 5000$. That money took me to South Africa, where I started a couple of community art projects with a group young people from Motherwell, a Township, located in Port Elizabeth on the Nelson Mandela’s Bay.

This moment of my life is an anchor. It’s reminded

Rod Ambara

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