« Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped. »

African Proverb.
Meaning: Don’t focus on your mistakes, instead search to discover their cause so you avoid repeating the same mistake.

Tu Camino means
« your path » and i suppose your life path led you to this page because you are looking or wishing for change.

Welcome to « Tu Camino Coaching ». Tu Camino means « Your Path » and I suppose your life path led you to this page because you are looking or wishing for change.



you just took the first and hardest step toward you the transformation. 


Now i will ask you to take a moment to answer these questions: 


Who are you?

 what kind to life do you want to live?

 What are your goals?

 What is holding back? 

What life area would like to improve? 

What part have you played on the unwanted outcomes of your life? 

Look at yourself now, in the future how are you going to feel when you will you?


I hope you took the time to answer these questions and decided that you are ready to take responsibility for your life. In this case, I am ready to work with you to get you back your power. You need to take action now. 

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Neuro linguistic programing is the mean subject that I use while coaching people that I am coaching. I will ask you to read this as it will be core values of our sessions.



1- Accept People Unconditionally

People are not their behaviors

2- Evaluate Behavior and Change in Terms of Context and Ecology
All meaning is context dependent. It is very easy to take something that’s been said out of context and interpret it differently from its original meaning

3- Resistance in a Client Signifies Mistrust
If NLP practitioners experience resistance in a client, this often stems from a lack of rapport or misunderstanding. 

4- Appreciate Other People’s Interpretation of the World
Good communication requires a grounded appreciation of someone else’s unique model of the world. 

5- No-one Intentionally Screws Up
Behind every behavior is a positive intention. No one goes out of their way to consciously sabotage themselves.

6- Calibrate on Behavior, Not on Assumptions.

The only visible information we have about another person is their behavior.

7- The Map is Not the Territory

Two people can see the same event but both have two completely different responses to it. 

8- Own Your Mind and Your Outcomes|
Thought precedes our every action, behavior, reaction, and response

9- People Always Have the Resources They Need
NLP Practitioners have a goal to help their clients become more aware of their potential and assist them to work towards their own desired outcomes in life.

10- There is No Failure, Only Feedback
To view the world in black and white, as a system of failures and successes, is a self-limiting paradigm. 

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coach Rod

My name is Rod Ambara, I am from Switzerland. I transform life by supporting and empowering people that I have the opportunity to work with, in my private practice as a Life Coach and NLP practitioner. My main coaching goal is to give people the tool necessary to get to know who they are so they can heal themselves. As the result, they will be able to build a fulfilling life. 

I am a proud member of Achology, The academy of modern applied psychology. I hold a certificate in Life Coaching, Neuro linguistic programing, (NLP) Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Practitioner, counseling practitioner and Art therapy.  I also have a degree in social work and I have been working as community developer for 10 years. In 2015 I moved to Seattle to join the love of my life, and I founded a non profit called, the kayla project with the mission to empower community through arts. I same year, I got married and I became a dad. As I was going through this massive change in my life, having a wife, a little boy, dealing with anxiety and depression, coping with alcohol, tobacco, sugar, travel, changing jobs, and gym. I was looking for happiness outside of myself, I was giving my power to my parent, my wife, my friends and my coworker. Then, when things were not happening the ways that I wanted, I was blaming all of whose people.  My life was full of drama of trauma, and I didn’t know what to do. I saw a couple of counsellor, I took some anti depressor (the Blue pills, as I call then). My mother even took me to see so amazing pastor with amazing to deliver me from the devil.  I’m not ashamed to share this because now I can laugh about this. Trust me it wasn’t funny to live with all this. It’s never easy to live with fear and insecurity.  This new path has given the tools to stay away from fear, insecurities and anxiety. Diving into Life coaching and NLP, was a deeply transformational for my growth and healing. This technics gave the opportunity to get to know myself, my values and be profoundly settle within my goals.   During our session, I would share this tools with you so that will be able to hold the keys of your life, pave a clear path and build a fulfilling life for yourself.